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A Powerful Robust, Versatile, Portable and Accurate Tool:

Tristar Touque Multipliers provide extra mechanical advantage needed to tighten or loosen stubborn nuts and bolts located in cramped or (in accessible) positions. A Manual Tool, particularly recommended where no compressed air/electric power available for use of Power Tools.

Tristar Torque Multipliers increase the Torque capacity of Torque wrenches, Hand Ratchets/Wheel Braces at the Input end by a factor depending on the model selected. This enables the operatorto achieve high levels of Torque safely and easily.

With continuous R&D efforts, we have two variety of Torque multipliers in our product range, The Conventional 'AM' series and a more compact and lightweight 'TVR' series.

  Torque Reaction:
  Principles of Torque Reaction:
Newton's law dictates that for every applied force there is an equal and opposite reactive force. For applications requiring relatively low torques that can be applied with a torque wrench this does not present a problem as the reactive force is absorbed by the operator. However, if the desired torque necessitates the use of a multiplier, the resultant reactive force can only be absorbed using an appropriate reaction device.
For this reason all Tristar multipliers are supplied with reaction plate or reaction foot.

The hand torque multiplier is a device that multiplies the input torque by a specified ratio by using a gear system. In hand torque multiplier there is a planetary gear system which is used to perform the function of torque multiplication. A reaction arm is fitted to the torque multiplier which resists the opposite motion of the annulus (the outer case of the multiplier) to the input torque. Thus without the reaction arm no torque is applied through the square drive.
Hand torque multipliers with a high ratio gearbox (25:1 or more) require a certain amount of windup (backlash) to be taken up before any useful tightening work is applied to the nut. In this instance an Anti Wind-Up Ratchet (AWUR) is fitted to retain all of the wind up forces.

AWUR: Anti Wind Up Ratchet :
The high gear ratio hand torque multipliers i.e. more than 25:1 are provided with anti wind up ratchet feature. The Anti Wind Up Ratchet acts like a spring which has to be completely wound before the operation of tightening or loosening of the bolt can be performed. The use of AWUR in higher ratios of torque multiplication has the following advantages.
• AWUR ensures that the spring remains completely wound and the torque is directly     transmitted to the bolt.
• AWUR facilitates the complete transmission of the input torque without any backlash.
• AWUR enables the user to use the manual torque multiplier in upside down position.    This is because the reaction arm holds the multiplier firmly at the reaction point and the    torque multiplier gets locked on to the nut.
  Technical Specification
  Technical Specification
  AWUR-Anti Wind Up Ratchet
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