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Manufacturing Of Industrial / Impact Sockets & Accessories, Torque Wrenches / Multipliers, Slugging Wrenches, Service Tools kits, Load Blancers, Rolling Burnishing Tools, Tube Cleabers & Water Jetting Solutions

On-Site Service Program
Annual Maintenance / Service Contract

• In this Package we take up Maintenance Service Contract on yearly / Shut down / per Project basis at    competitive price for all type of Bolting Jobs both Torquing and Tensioning.
• We bring our Highly Skilled Technician with equipment on the same day as required.
• Large Availability of Stock and Presence of Skilled Technician enables us to take up the challenging    contract and offer Professional service.
• Due to our satisfactory performance each of our customer have renewed their service contracts.
• On our part we ensure the safe working conditions, Highly Skilled Technicians, Fully
   calibrated Equipment and Extended warranties over the tools.

Rental of Equipment on Daily / Weekly / Monthly Basis

• In this program we supply fully calibrated equipment
• We offer training for safe working condition.
• Also can ship complete range of equipment available for Rental at any given point of time.
Rent to Own Program

• This program is meant for customer who can own the bolting and tensioning equipment after renting    them.
• Zero Interest Package on Installment basis offered on rental equipment.
• This program also allows our customer to accrue credit towards the ownership of the equipment.
• Through this program customer can amortize the cost of Equipment over their Job Billing.


Off-Site Service Program
Calibration Services
Every year, thousands of companies unintentionally risk the security of their employees and equipment when they assume torque tools are accurate and in safe working order or that an outdated factory torque chart is accurate.
TRISTAR can take the guessing out of your work. We provide calibration for full range of Hydraulic Torque Wrench, Manual Torque Wrench, Torque Multiplier at our facility and provide calibration certificates for you to use your tools risk free.
Repair Services

• Equipped with Service Stations Across India & Middle East.
• TRISTAR places top most priority to ensure that your tools are repaired as efficiently as possible     keeping the lead time to a bare minimum.

Customer Care
Tristar delivers tools with perfection.
Timely supplies, best after sales service and support has been Tristar Trademark since inception.
Tristar has maintained a position of Leadership, in the field of industrial Tightening / Loosening Tools for more than a decade and half. Today Tristar stands ready to improve the productivity of assembly operations around the world with unsurpassed Tool Performance and Customer Satisfaction.
Tristar product range is ready for off the shelf delivery. Tristar provides a board section of Fastener Tools and are glad to offer a Tool for almost every type of appliacation.
Tristar design department with its experienced manpower is set to take care of any requirement of tools for any specific application.
Hydraulic Torque Wrench Squre Drive Type | Hydraulic Torque Wrench Hex Type | Fully Automatic Electric Power Pack | Air Operated Hydraulic Torque Wrench Power Pack | Manual Torque Wrenches | Electric Nut Runners/Torque Wrenches | Pneumatic Nut Runners/Torque Wrenches | Hydraulic Stud Bolt Tensioners | TBT-AK Stud Bolt Tensioner Adapter Kits-Imperial | Hydraulic Nut | Hydraulic Jacks / Cylinders, Pumps | Hydraulic Pullers | Hydraulic Nut Splitters
Tristar Impact Sockets & Accessories
Impact Sockets & Accessories
Impact Sockets 1/4” Square Drive | Impact Sockets 3/8” Square Drive | Impact Sockets 1/2” Square Drive | Impact Sockets 3/4” Square Drive
Impact Sockets 1” Square Drive | Impact Sockets 1.1/2” Square Drive | Impact Sockets 2.1/2” Square Drive | Impact Sockets 3.1/2” Square Drive
Automotive Sockets
Automotive Sockets 1/4” Square Drive | Automotive Sockets 3/8” Square Drive | Automotive Sockets 1/2” Square Drive | Automotive Sockets 3/4” Square Drive | Automotive Sockets 1” Square Drive | Automotive Sockets 1.1/2” Square Drive | Automotive Sockets 5” Splined Socket | Bud Wheels Impact Sockets | Bearing Nut Sockets | Lug Nuts Sockets
Turbine Tools | Slugging Wrenches | Torque Wrenches | Torque Multiplier | Load Balancers & Tool Kits | Heavy Duty Industrial Service Tool Kits | Tristar Socket Set
Tristar Tube Expanders for Boilers & Heat Exchangers
Tube Expanders for Boilers
Custom built Tube Expanders | ‘T-114’ Series [Flare] Boiler Tube Expanders | ‘TA’ - Series [Parallel] Boiler Tube Expanders | ‘TAF3’ - Series [Flare] Boiler Tube Expanders | ‘T - 1000’ - Series [Flare] Boiler Tube Expander | ‘T - 2000’ Series [Flare] Boiler Tube Expander | ‘T - 3000’ Series [Parallel] Boiler Tube Expander | ‘T-8012’ Series Heat Exchanger and Boiler Tube Expander | ‘TSB & TCSB’ Series - Sugar Industry Application | ‘TCB’ Combination Beading Tube Expander | Contipull Continuous Tube Pulling Systems | Hydrive - Hydraulic tube expansion system | Torque Controllers | SOLID State Torque Controller (TRSCP Series) | TR - 68 Internal Tube Cutter | Tube Removal & Installation Accessories
Torque Controllers | Tube Expander for Heat Exchanger and Condenser ‘TN’ Series | Tube Expander for Heat Exchanger and Condenser T - 900 / 1300 Series | Tube Expander for Heat Exchanger and Condenser T - 800 / 1200 Series - 3 Rollers | Tube Expander for Heat Exchanger and CondenserT - 800 / 1200 Series - 5 Rollers | ‘T-8012’ Series Heat Exchanger and Boiler Tube Expander
TR - 68 Internal Tube Cutter | Contipull Continuous Tube Pulling Systems | Grooving Tool | Tube Installation & Removal Accessories
Tube Tools
| Burnishing Tools | Tube Cleaners & Equipments | Non Sparking Tools
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