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Automotive Sockets

  Automotive Sockets

Magnetic sockets:
Magnetic sockets are generally used for automotive applications. These magnetic sockets feature a spring loaded magnet that retracts into the socket for extended bolt applications. These sockets are available in both standard and long type of sockets. The size ranges from ¼" to ½ square drive and the across flat size varies from 8mm to 25mm.

Surface drive Sockets:
Surface drive impact sockets are specially designed with a hex opening that allows for quick engagement of fastener. The use of surface drive sockets is ideal for assembly operations. Generally these types of sockets are used in automotive industries. Sizes ranges from 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1" for the driver end and for the driven unit the sizes range from 8mm to 36mm depending upon driver size and type of socket Surface drive sockets are available in two types standard and deep.

Torx drive Sockets:
External Torx headed screws, bolts or nuts which are found in an automobile engine or transmission system requires a Torx Drive socket. We at Tristar manufacture heavy duty impact Torx drive sockets which are used for loosening and tightening of such screws, bolts or nuts.

Nut Runners:
This tool is designed for operation with a pneumatic screw drivers. Nut runners has a male hex drive on one end which fits into the female hex shank of the pneumatic screw driver and on the other end is a single hex socket. The range covers 1/4" and 5/16" hex drive for nut sizes ranging from 8mm to 13mm in three lengths i.e. 75mm; 100mm and 150mm.

Hex Bits Impact Sockets:
Hex bits are used for specialized operations in automobile industries. They are used in conjunction with other impact tools, for fastening alien head or socket head bolts.

Hex bits are available in driver size ranging from %" to 1.1/2" and driven size ranging from 3mm to 50mm depending upon the driver size and type of socket.

Ergo Drive Sockets:
Ergo drive sockets are used for specialized applications in automobile industry where the fasteners are in contact with highly sensitive surfaces where scratches and vibrations are not at all tolerated.

Tristar international Impact sockets are designed for professional tool users. They are engineered specifically for use.with impact tools using the most up to date industrial specifications.

Impact sockets are made with thicker walls and tempered to a lower hardness so as not to shatter under the impacts. They are typically finished in black oxide rather than the chrome plating typical of the hand-tool variety. Hand-tool sockets should never be used with impact wrenches as they will shatter.

Since impact sockets are used in demanding applications, impact sockets are designed to sustain the impacts. Look inside the square drive hole for a mark in the metal that looks like it's been gouged with a fingernail. This indicates that the drive has been formed by pushing a rod through the metal during the forging process, resulting in a stronger surface. Check where the six inside walls of the socket meet. Rounded corners let the walls of the socket grip a bolt, rather than the weaker edges. Inner walls that meet at sharp points are likely to crack under heavy use.

Impact sockets are available in different sizes and types. A few common types that are used are as under:

1. 6 Point Standard Impact Sockets
2. 6 Point Deep Impact Sockets
3. 12 Point Standard Impact Sockets
4. 12 Point Deep Impact Sockets
5. 4 Point Standard
6. 8 Point Standard
7. Thin Wall Impact Sockets -Standard
8. Thin Wall Impact Sockets-Deep

Sizes range from¼, 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1.1/2", 2.1/2", 3.1/2" for the driver end and for the driven unit the sizes range from 5mm to 150mm depending upon driver size and type ot socket.

The sizes range from 3/8”, 1/2” and 1” for driver end. These sockets are available in various lengths standard, long and extra long for different applications.


Stud Runners:
Square Drive Range- 3/8” to 1”
Thread Size : M4 - M 48 : 3/16” - 2”

Universal Sockets:
Universal Sockets are available in 3/8” and ½” square drive. The A/F ranges from 10mm to 33mm for different square drives. The length of the sockets also varies from 62mm to 156mm depending upon the square drive and A/F sizes.

Torsion Bars:
Torsion Bars are available in ½” and 1” square drive. Depending upon the torque capacity the colors of the torsion bars vary as under:

( N-m)
17 BROWN 75.0
17 GREEN 95.0
17 CREAM 110.0
19 BLUE 75.0
19 YELLOW 90.0
19 LIGHT BLUE 110.0
19 RED 135.0
21 BLACK 80.0
21 WHITE 110.0

5 # Splined Sockets & Accessories:
5 Splined sockets are specialized sockets used in automotive applications.
The A/F sizes ranges from 19mm to 80mm. 5# Splined sockets require specialized 5# accessories like
5# universal joint
5# male Adapter
5# female adapter
5# extension bar.

Bud Wheel Sockets:
Available in square drives ¾” and 1”. Also available in 5# splined.
A/F ranges from 20mm to 98mm. Bud wheel sockets are available in both standard and long length.

Bearing Nut Sockets:
Bearing nut sockets are available in square drive sizes of 3/8”, ½”,3/4” and 1”. They are also available in the A/F sizes of 22mm-145mm
Lug nut sockets are available in A/F sizes ranging from 17mm-26m

Extensions bars sometimes called "extender arms", attach to a socket on one end and a ratchet on the other end of the extension. These "extend" the length of the socket and allow access to nuts or bolts that are difficult to reach.

Universal joints are two articulated socket joints (about 1" long) combined at a right angle that allow a bend in the turning axis of the wrench socket. They are used with extensions and ratchets for turning a bolt or nut at a difficult to access location.

Adapters allow sockets of one drive size to be used with another ratchet drive size. They consist of the following type.

Driver Unit Driven Unit
Male Female
Female Female
Male Male

• Ratchet Handle allows the socket to be twisted by twisting the/atchet handle around the handle axis. It requires less than 1 degree arc swing to rotate socket-ideal for very tight spaces.

• Swivel handle ratchets are socket wrenches in which the drive head pivots or swivels back and forth on the handle, to allow the socket handle movement to avoid obstructions when being turned in a cramped space. Some ratchet heads swivel the whole ratchet head.

• Sliding T-Handle Sizes range from 3/8", 1/2", 1", 1.1/2", 2.1/2", 3.1/2" for the driver end and for the driven unit the sizes range from 5mm to 150mm depending upon driver size and type of socket.

• L Handle sizes range from ¼” square drive to 1” square drive and length varies from 125mm to 600mm

• Retaining Pins & “O” Rings are available for all sizes of impact sockets ie. From ¼” square drive to 3.1/2” square drive.

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